We got MARRIED!!

May 28th 2017 was the best day of our lives because we got married!!

Everything we had been planning for months and months had finally come together, all our friends and family in one room and all that love oozing from everywhere! Ahhh it was so great! Every time we think about it all those lovely feelings come flooding back and it is just the best!

The day itself was amazing but it wasn't an easy ride getting to this moment, not even in the slightest. Being from two culturally different backgrounds (Dignity is from Zimbabwe and I am Indian) produced its own challenges within our relationship, our lives and our families. It was just something that had never been done before within our families or even extended  and my parents in particular had always imagined that I would marry an Indian boy from the same caste as us with a decent enough job (along the lines of a doctor/dentist/pharmacist! if you are Indian and you are reading this you will know what I mean ha!). So when I said I was marrying Dignity it was a really difficult conversation to have and because of all the issues and upset caused at points we had doubts ourselves whether we should even be getting married, were WE the ones who were in the wrong? Should we just conform to society and what was expected of us culturally?

But we did get married and it was awesome!

I am so thankful every day that we trusted each other and our instincts and took a giant leap of faith that actually, everything was going to be ok.

So here are a few pictures of our wedding day plus our wedding trailer! We hope you love them as much as we do!



kiran dignity-1015.jpg
kiran dignity-1020.jpg
kiran dignity-1024.jpg
kiran dignity-1055.jpg
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